Prakash Path -Way to light

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In India, most of the people do not have knowledge about the energy-efficient LED lights. Narendra Modi decided to bring awareness, about the benefits of the LED light and spread the message around the country. Mr. Narendra Modi launched a new bulb distribution. Under the scheme of Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) which is in Delhi and a National Programme for LED- based Home and Street Lighting Scheme, LED bulbs are distributed to each house for Rs.10. This is applicable to those who register for DELP online or offline. This article will help you in giving the details about the Prakash path. Sponsored Links:

Prakash Path -Way to light

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in order to conserve the environment he has launched the Prakash Path. It a national programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting. Government is planning to replace 77 crore conventional bulbs and 3.5 crore streetlights with a range of LED. Based on the Economic survey 2015-16, they can save of Rs 45,500 crore by reducing 21,500 MW electricity. Prime Minister replaced the bulb with LED in the south Block in Delhi. Therefore, they replaced one bulb with LED that results in saving of 7000 units of energy per month.

Background of Prakash Path Scheme

The main aim of the government is to spread the message for the conversation of energy. The LED-based lights help in reducing the less consumption of electricity by 88% compared with the normal bulb.
LED bulbs are recommended because there life is almost 50 times more than the ordinary bulbs, which is 8-10 times more than the CFLs. The energy emitted by the LED will help you in saving the cost and energy.

The National LED program

The Prime Minister invented this program to save the energy and benefit the environment. Therefore, saving power is more difficult compared to its production. The moment launched the program, people are aware and motivated them through extensive involvements. Who are the manufactures of the LED bulbs shows their interest in production of more LED bulbs which shows the increased demand without compromising on their quality?

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Who are eligible to get LED LIGHTS?

Domestic household people who are having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company are eligible to get the LED bulbs. Therefore, they have a chance to purchase the LED lights on the basis of EMI can pay through monthly or can be paid through bimonthly can be paid through installments in electricity bill. However, you can even pay upfront payments by paying the full amount. A person who is interested in buying LED bulbs has to carry some of the documents those are:

  • People who want to pay them through EMI need to carry latest electricity bill and the copy of Government authorized ID proof.
  • Candidates who want to pay their full amount through upfront need to carry a copy of Government authorized ID proof.

What are the features of the National LED Program?

An LED program was launched on the 5th of January 2015 and features of this program is to work on the  Domestic Efficient Lighting Program and Street Lighting National Program will focus how to control on the emission of CO2 gas which installs the LED bulbs and street lights.

  • The National LED program reduces the emission reduces the Gross Domestic Product by 33 to 35 per cent and this happens till the year 2030.
  • The parts of LED bulbs are imported from other countries and assembled in India.
  • The government decided to start to make in India program and the manufacturing of the LED lights should be done in India.
  • As per the budget of 2015 to 2016, government cuts the excise duty from 12% to 6% which gives input for all the manufacturing of LED driver and MCPCB for LED lights and fixtures as well as LED lamps.

Where can register complaints by customers

You can register your complaints in 4 types of redressal mechanisms which can be available to the customers:

  • Complaints can be solved by the distribution agency’s customer care centre where customers have awareness about them.
  • EESL has a toll-free helpline number in solving the queries for customers.
  • Customers even can interact EESL with the help of the social media, where users can easily tweet their complaints to EESL more it Twitter handle @EESL_India.
  • You can even send it through email with a description and contact details                                                                                         
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Explain Highlights of the program

  • LED bulbs are distributed in different stages from March 2015 onwards.
  • They have a deadline; by March 2016 government has to install the LED bulbs for the domestic and street lights carries in hundred cities.
  • In Delhi, Government supplies all the LED bulbs to domestic consumers at an initial payment of INR. 10 and the balance amount of INR.120 will be recovered from the electricity bill.
  • The cost of each LED bulb given to the domestic consumers at a price of INR.130. Therefore, at the current market, the retail price would be in the range of INR.350 to INR.600 rupees for LED bulbs.
  • Annual savings for households in Delhi, they cost around INR. 162 per LED bulb. However, LED bulbs would include a 3 years warranty.
  • However, every year annual saving of energy is of 24 crore units.

Registration Process for DELP Delhi

  • Pre-registration process for DELP Delhi has been started and Delhiites can register for DELP Delhi in two ways one is through online and other is through SMS
  • Online
  • You can register through online by login to
  • Click on the DELP pre-registration banner which is located on the right-hand side of the homepage.
  • You have to provide CA number which is on your electricity bill
  • Enter the Captcha code and complete your registration.
  • SMS
  • You can send the SMS to a particular number and is a toll-free number 1800 180 3580.

Other problems launched for LED bulb

The other schemes or the programs launched for the LED bulb distribution are mentioned below

  1. Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (DELP)

Prime Minister of India has launched the web system which will enable the customers in Delhi to get the Request to get the LED bulb under the Domestic Efficient Lighting Program that can be visited by the official portal of or through sms service.

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