Now make payments using Government IDs like Aadhar Card-UPI-State Bank Buddy

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To make India, in to a country which can be said to be turned towards a cashless country, the Government of India is planning to take the help of technology & the 1st step towards making the nation cashless & corrupt free, is to have a number of systems in place. And the same list has been given in detail below. Keep reading this article to know more as to how one can make use of the government issued IDs when payment is concerned.

  1. Make payments with your Aadhaar Card

With the assistance of technology & especially the smartphones, the Indian Government has certainly found a way to reach out to the public in a way which has never happened till now. All you will have to do is be a person who has an Aadhaar Card. However, if you do not have an Aadhaar Card then see to it that you apply for an Aadhaar Card at the earliest.

Once you have the Aadhaar Card, have the Aadhaar number seeded with your bank account. And whenever you require to either transfer funds or check balance or deposit cash or even for withdrawing cash or the inter – banking transactions, you can make use of the AEPS or the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

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Steps to follow when making payments using an Aadhaar Card

1st step would be to enter the Aadhaar Card ID number on the device available at the vendor or the outlet. Following this, you will have to either go through an IRIS or a fingerprint verification process. Another aspect is that the merchant will be having a smartphone, the device, which will also have a fingerprint scanner connected. All this is connected with the help of an application.

One aspect that is to be kept in the mind is that a customer has to undergo the verification process, & after the successful completion of the process, amount for the products bought shall be automatically debited from the account of the customer. However, this account must be linked to the Aadhaar Card. Post the deduction, money is transferred to the merchant’s account from that of the customer’s bank account.

  1. Make payments with UPI

Another way to make payments is UPI which is essentially the acronym of Unified Payments Interface. This UPI is the reason behind multiple bank accounts (of only the participating banks) come together to have numerous facilities for the customer under 1 roof. Features such as fund transfer (that is P2P) besides the merchant payments is included in this mobile application. It is stated that UPI which was basically launched by the National Payments Corporation of India on the lines of the vision by RBI which is nothing but the idea of less – cash along with a digital – society.

How can I make payments with UPI?

Essentially, a smartphone user who is an account holder of the bank which is partnered by UPI can go ahead & download the UPI app. But before that you will have to register in the UPI enabled application.

Steps to register in UPI enabled application

Firstly, download the UPI app from the bank’s website or an app store. Next you should create your profile with the help of the following details – name / virtual id that is the payment address / password. Next step would be to go to the option that reads add / link / manage the bank account. Here you shall be able to have the bank as well as the account number linked with that of the virtual id.

How to generate M – PIN?

At this point of time, you will have to select the bank account from where transaction is to be taken place while the next step would be to add last 6 digits of the debit card besides the expiry date. Finally, you would have to enter the OTP in the required field, this OTP is received on the details registered with the bank. Lastly, you will get to create the 4 to 6 digit M – PIN.

  1. Make payments with State Bank Buddy

There is another way through which one would be able to make payments.  And this is a project started by the State Bank of India which is none other than the State Bank Buddy. Get to use this State Bank Buddy in not 1 but 13 languages. All you will have to do send the money & not be worked up to stand in those queues at the ATM.

Just select the contact either from the phone or from the Facebook account of yours. And have the money sent. You can also send reminders to the people who have to pay you & thus not be offended by asking as well. Get a chance to pay either gas or electricity bills anytime anywhere or even recharge DTH or the prepaid mobile, book flight or hotels & those movie tickets are just a few clicks away.

How do I use a State Bank Buddy?

For starters, here is the guide to the workings of the State Bank Buddy. First things first, get hold of the State Bank Buddy app, download it. Then sign up for this State Bank Buddy. You would be required to sign in again to make use of the State Bank Buddy app. Remember that you have to enter the PIN whenever you wish to access this State Bank Buddy.

Next step would be to add money that is to your wallet account with the help of debit cards or net banking or the IMPS credentials of the account (it can be of any bank). Finally get to a place from where you can access a world lot of features with a very few punches on that device of yours. You will also be in a position to track the payments & thus be a true saviour of your money.

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