National Bal Swachhta Mission

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National Bal Swachhta Mission was launched on 14 Th November 2014.  The Union Minister of Women and Child Development Smt. Maneka Gandhi organize the National BAL Swachhta Mission in New Delhi.  The BAL Swachhta Abhiyaan introduced on the occasion of remembrance on the 125th birth anniversary of our first Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was named for his devotion and love towards the children of our nation.  Therefore, this day is dedicated to the children of the country as children’s day.                                                                                        Sponsored Links:

National Child Swachhta Mission

Cleanliness is very important to every country and is compared to other countries we should take care of our country. Therefore, the government is making every possible effort to make a better and clean nation.  So, by keeping everything in mind government started several initiatives. However, among them, one is initiatives is the National Child Sanitation Mission. This mission was launched by the government launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Under this mission, school going children have to provide a healthy and clean environment. This mission is a part of the nationwide cleanliness initiative of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”.

The National Child Sanitation Mission has been launched by the Ministry of Women and Child development of India. This scheme will give the awareness to all the children and women about the cleanliness in the country. The main aim of the scheme is to clean Anganwadi, cleaning the environment such as a playground, self-cleaning, hygiene food and healthy environment for all the school going children. However, under this scheme, you need to give awareness to the children about cleaning the home, school and public places.
Union minister, Mrs. Maneka Gandhi plays an important role for launching the National Child Sanitation Mission. She says that children can become clean ambassadors and they can inspire others to keep the home, school and surrounding environment clean. The Ministry of Women and Child Development released a book on Child Sanitation Mission was prepared by the National Institution of Public Assistance and Child Development (NIPCCD). Children can convey the message by entertaining the audience about the cleanliness through cultural programs. During this period Mr. Mantri Maneka Gandhi visited the model Anganwadi Hub Center at Ground Garhi.

What are the Themes of the National BAL Swachhta Mission?

  • You can see there are 6 themes
  • TO clean the surroundings like playgrounds
  • Clean Self (Personal hygienic or child health)
  • Clean food
  • Clean drinking water.
  • Clean toilets
  • Clean Anganwadi.

What is the implementation of the National Bal Swachhta Mission

This machine is to implement by for the women and child development with the assistance of the department.

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  • School Education
  • Urban Education
  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • National Bal Swachhta Mission implements with the help of various departments like school education, urban development, drinking water and sanitation and information and publicity.

Eligibility for the National Bal Swachhta Mission

Here are some of the qualifications for the National Child Sanitation Mission those are:

  • This mission is eligible for all the government schools in India.
  • Under this mission, Anganwadi around India should be covered.
  • National Child Sanitation Mission is suitable for states, districts, blocks, and village’s Panchayat.

Benefits of the National BAL Swachhta Mission

The benefits of National Child Sanitation mission are as follows

  • This mission will give the awareness to all the children about the cleanliness.
  • This will make a habit to keep clean by the children.
  • With the help of children, the audience will focus on cleanliness and keep their surroundings clean.
  • By keeping the surroundings clean you can avoid the diseases and will be healthy.
  • Children in their childhood if they aware of keeping the food clean, pure drinking water and clean toilets.

What was the Theme line of the Bal Swachhta Mission week

This Bal Swachhta Mission was followed by a 6 days program which will be held on every day from the 14th November to the 19th November 2014.

  • The theme of 14th November was “Cleaning schools and play area”.
  • The theme of 15th November was “Clean Food”.
  • The theme played on the 17th November was “Clean Self”.
  • The Theme of 18th November was “Cleaning Drinking Water”.
  • The theme of 19th November was “Clean Toilet”.

Awareness under National Bal Swachhta Abhiyaan

  • National Bal Swachhta Abhiyaan will give awareness to all the school going children to maintain a clean home, school, and public places.
  • The awareness is required to create among the students by games, storytelling, poems and the conversation with children.

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