Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to visit T-Hub in Hyderabad Today

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to visit T-Hub in Hyderabad today

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer is on a visit to India but this one is a low key visit unlike that of Sundar Pichai’s (Google’s Cheif) or Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to the country earlier this year. And as per the sources, Nadella would be making way to the T – Hub apart from the Microsoft Development Centre in Hyderabad.

Besides this, he may also meet Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister – N. Chandra Babu Naidu but this has not yet been officially confirmed. Naidu might also look forward to Microsoft’s assistance to put into action – the Government strategies on MS Cloud Computing Plat Forms says a Government Official.

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Satya Nadella, Hyderabad born, has made quite a few visits to his native land, India either to attend Future Unleashed event or his announcement about the ‘Local Data Centres’ across the country. Nadella was also the one whom Narender Modi, Prime Minister of India had met during his Silicon Valley visit. Though Satya Nadella’s visit to the T – Hub, might be understated, still it is going to be an interesting one – as we will get to see a New India in the near future!

T – Hub – is a ‘Technological Incubation Centre’ – put up with the work jointly done by the International Institute of Information – Hyderabad (IIT – H), Indian School of Business (ISB) and the NALSAR University of Law among many other organisations.  Around Rs. 40 crores were used – to have this 70, 000 square feet Facility constructed in the IIT – H campus by the Telangana Government.

Why T – Hub?

As per Telangana’s IT Secretary – Jayesh Ranjan – Nadella will be interacting with – Start Up Entrepreneurs. Telangana’s IT Minister, K T Rama Rao also added that during this second visit of Satya Nadella to Hyderabad, there were plans to inaugurate some initiatives along with interactions with some notable people.  

Well, we will have to wait and be patient to see the impact of this – Satya Nadella’s visit to T – Hub.

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