How to make payments using the private sites?

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In yet another ground breaking aspect, people will now be able to make payments with the apps which have been rated as one of the best as per the market trends. And here we have given the list of those apps which will certainly be useful to you all people out there.


To move ahead with MSWIPE, all you will have to do is sign up / accept the payments & then the money shall reach you in your accounts. Remember that MSWIPE does not come alone, as it has several advantages attached to it like that of the freedom from not only the account opening but also the batch closure.

Moreover, you will not have to be worried about the mail based MIS or the old technology or the charge – slips. As for every transaction that happens, there is an electronic receipt given to the customer. There is also an integration with that of the billing software or for that matter the billing application.

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How does MSWIPE work?

In a real time transaction, you will see that a customer’s card is taken & is swiped on the Mswipe Wisepad & then it is connected to the Mswipe secure server apart from the authorisation online. However, the funds are generally settled on that of the next working day. Another aspect is that the money is actually never with that of Mswipe. As it just acts like that of a custodian when transfer is taking place between Corporation & the Axis Bank respectively.

  1. Make payments with paytm

Now making or accepting payments has become easy with the help of paytm. The reason is that with the help of paytm, you can pay for online along with retail purchases thereby stop on the worries of carrying cash. While as a business person, witness a fast, secure along with being affordable & an integrated platform to have the paytm advantage to the payments.

How do I make payments with paytm?

In order to start making the payments with paytm when using QR Codes, you would be required to download the paytm app on the mobile phone. And in paytm, you will come across a QR code which is 2D barcode, scan this code first. You will come across this code in the profile of yours. And when you have to send money then you will have to click on either pay or send option & then scan the paytm QR code of the said recipient. You may also mention the amount to be sent if it is not mentioned before clicking on send.

  1. Make payments with Reliance JioMoney

How do I make payments with JioMoney?

One will not only be able to make payments but also receive money with the help of Reliance’s JioMoney. However, to put in to use this JioMoney, you would have to register with any of the telecom service provider & then you shall be eligible to sign – up with JioMoney. Next thing is download the JioMoney Wallet on the phone & check for the registration page as you would be able to send or receive money then. One can load the money to a JioMoney account with the assistance of credit or debit card or the NetBanking.

In addition to this, get a chance to link bank accounts or the card with JioMoney by clicking Bank account or the add card option in the Manage accounts section. JioMoney stands to offer various features so that there is a faster transfer of money besides transaction history, bookmarking the merchants or even receiving some personalized offers. Thanks to Reliance JioMoney, an individual can look forward to be going not only cash – free but also tension – free.

  1. Make recharges with FreeCharge

Now recharging stuff or making payments for different services has become easier thanks to FreeCharge.

How to use a FreeCharge?

When making payments is in question, then you would have to first enter the mobile number followed by a click on enter. Remember that the operator as well as the circle shall be selected by the system itself. There is an option of making use of free coupons, if you wish then you can make use of these coupons. While the next step is to enter the registered e – mail & the password.

If at all you are not registered then you can register yourself. Once the above process is completed then you will have to pay online through netbanking or debit / credit card so that it is recharged in an instant. But do not forget that the coupons shall be sent to the e – mail.

  1. Make payments with MOBIKWIK

Well, another method through which you can make payments now let that be for bills or recharges or reservations is MOBIKWIK. And this happens to be the latest addition to the virtual payments.

How to make payments with MOBIKWIK?

All an individual will have to do is download the MOBIKWIK app on to your device & select the service you wish to be used. Later on follow the simple steps before you go ahead & make the payments. In addition to this, now you would be able to make use of the wallet.

Another aspect which is to be kept in mind is that MOBIKWIK wallet is stated to be a secure online wallet which is put in to use to store your money. Furthermore, this turns out to be the balance in the form of Indian rupees. A user of MOBIKWIK will be able to add money in the wallet & this can be done in various forms.

As a matter of fact, the payment methods which have been listed above tend to come handy especially at a time of demonetisation when there seems to be the idea of having a digital – India. And most importantly, all of the above stated virtual wallets are stated to be safe by many users.

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