Maa Bhoomi-Telangana Adangal Land Records

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Maa website is launched by the Telangana Government for lands. It will maintain all the land records of Telangana. Maa website serves to access government land records to the land-owners or to the property owners of Telangana.

In this article, you will get the total information about the Pahani, Adangal and ROR 1B, etc. Maa Telangana portal, people can see the land records of all the 10 states of Telangana like Warangal, Nalgonda, Khammam, Karimnagar, Mahaboobnagar, and Hyderabad, Medak, Adilabad, Nizamabad and suryapet. Sponsored Links:

Explain about Telangana Adangal Pahani

Pahani is legal document verifies the records of a person who holds the agricultural land is also named as Adangal. This document contains all the details of survey numbers of the land, type of the land, is the water useful for agriculture, the current farming landowners and the details of the owners.
Telangana Pahani will be updated by the Village Revenue Officer (VRO) annually. However, updated information is verified even though it is accurate and relevant. Telangana came up with a new facility that they can apply for a crop as Pahani and get it in about 15 minutes and charges is about Rs. 35 per crop, in the nearest mee-seva or e-Seva. To apply in mee-seva or e-Seva you should provide details like Mandal, District, village and survey number etc.
If you want land records of older than 2009, for that you need to verify the mee-seva servers. Dharani Telangana is a new website developed for checking land records for Telangana state.

Adangal Pahani

The Revenue Department of the Telangana Government divided all the land records, based on the village along with the district.
All the Telangana records are managed by the Chief Commissioner of Land Records (CCLA). In this record, it includes the details of survey number, tax owner’s name, land boundary and nature of land and crop etc.
All land records must and should be linked with Aadhaar number, so it will be easy to get the land details to each and every individual with the help of Aadhaar number.
The government launched a new Android app as Telangana Maa Bhoomi; with the help of this app you will get all the details related to your land. It is very easy to download an app on your mobile and view the information about the land records.
The Revenue department decided to collect all the mobile numbers of the property owners to link to the portal. The main aim of the Ma Telangana is to provide information about the land records related to the government forest and agriculture through online.

Maa Bhoomi Pahani or Adangal

A Pahani or Adangal is a legal document gives details of land and issued by the Tashildhar.
  • Land Owners name
  • Extents and Khatha Number
  • Titak kand under the Pahani
  • Details of the Land Revenue
  • Land cultivation resources
  • Hissa and survey number of the land
  • The process via which land acquired by the owner
  • Soil classification
  • Nature of procession of land
  • The rights of the Government or public rights on the land.
  • Liabilities of the owners on the land.

Steps to apply for Pahani or Adangal online?

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A person who is the land or property owner in Telangana can apply for the Pahani or Adangal just by visiting the Tashildhar office
Relevant details are here:

  • Application costs of Rs. 35/-
  • Log in to the official website of the Maa
  • Click on your Pahani.
  • Enter the details like Survey number or Account number or Aadhaar number.
  • Click on submit.

How to check the Pahani or Adangal Online

Here are some of the steps to check Pahani or Adangal online by following steps those are:

  • Log on to the Maa
  • Go to the menu bar and click on the option of Your Pahani to view the details.
  • You have to fill the account number or survey number or Aadhaar number.
  • After filling the details with Aadhaar number, you have to select a zone, district name and the name of the village from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally hit on the click button.
  • Click on the Pattadar’s name, the webpage will be redirected to the next web page where all the details of your land can be seen.

Steps to view village Pahani in Maa Bhoomi

You have a facility to view your village Pahani online with the help of Maa Portal. By following below steps you can view your village Pahani Online.

  • Visit the
  • Go to Pahani menu and select the Grama Pahani gives details about the village.
  • On this webpage, you have to enter the Zone name, District Name and name of the village. You can select from the drop-down menu.
  • Hit on the click button
  • You can see the details of the village Pahani displayed on the screen.             
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Record of Right (ROR1B)

Record of Right (ROR1B) is a document which contains details about the property or land. ROR is one of the most important land documents and these documents are categorized for every village in the office of the Tashildhar. ROR is of Khatadar number, survey number, the name of the Khatadar, his father’s name, extent held by Khatadar.

Methods to apply for ROR 1B

You can see the procedure for applying ROR 1B can be applied nearest Mee-seva centre with an application of ROR 1B, the service charge is of Rs. 25.

  • Log in to the official website of “Maa”.
  • Select the IB and click on “Your ROR 1B” to view the details of the ROR document.
  • On this web page, you have to enter the account number or survey number or Aadhaar number.
  • You have to select the zone name, district name and the name of the village from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the blue button below on the screen.

Steps to correct in Telangana Land Records through Maa Bhoomi Portal

Here are some of the steps to correct the land records in Telangana through Maa portal

  • Go to the official website or click on
  • Go to the complaints section, you have to click on “Registration of complaints
  • Fill the required details like District name, a name of the zone, Type of compliant, village Name, and Name of the complaint.
  • Click on Get details options
  • You will get the details if the data is available on WebLand, if not the blank screen will be displayed.

Link Aadhaar Number to Maa Bhoomi Telangana Pahani

Follow the simple steps to link your Aadhaar with Telangana Pahani

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  • Firstly visit the official website
  • Click on the Aadhaar linking which is placed on the menu bar of the home page.
  • IF you have an account number then link with the account number or else if you have Aadhaar number you can have an option to link with Aadhaar number
  • Now, you can enter the required details like account number, district name, Mandal name, Village name, etc
  • Finally hit on the click button
  • Now, you can link on your Aadhaar card with Telangana Pahani
  • If you have any complaints about changing your Adangal number, survey number etc
  • If you want to fill complaint enter the required details of District name, Mandal name, Village name, the name of the complaints, type of complaint, etc.

Telangana Maa Bhoomi Pahani Android App

Good news for all the farmers or land-owners those who are using smart phones in Telangana. Maa Bhoomi Android app is created by the government of Telangana, to give details about their lands.

Mobile app helps interlinks with portal and avoid duplications such as, all the offices like RDO, MRO, stamps and registrations department. Maa Bhoomi Pahani Android app helps people to verify their property details, at the same time it collects all the mobile numbers of all property owners, which are interlinked to the portal.

If by chance criminal transaction of the property was done in any part of the state, then immediately the portal will send an alert to the property owner. Therefore, the property owner will be alert and gives a complaint through online.

This app will help you in searching all the information related to land. However, Telangana government provided a chance to all the citizens that they can check their land records online by sitting anywhere of the country by using a survey number. Thus, you can even search the records with the help of Mandal, Village, and also with the year.

The main aim of the Telangana Maa Bhoomi app id is to give detailed information about the land just by one click can access quickly from anywhere.

How to download Telangana Maa Bhoomi App

  • Go to the Google play store
  • Search for Telangana Maa Bhoomi app in the search area.
  • Now click on Download options, and install.
  • Finally, you will get Telangana Maa Bhoomi app installed on your phone.

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