Lucky Grahak Yojana

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In this article Lucky Grahak Yojana, you will find the necessary information about Lucky Grahak Yojana details, last date of the lucky Grahak and winner list, and etc.

Lucky Grahak Yojana

The government wants to promote cashless transactions in India. The government wants to increase the interest in cashless transactions.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to announce a scheme known as Luck Grahak Yojana on December 25, 2016. This plan is for all the traders and people who are paying through legitimate digital means or by receiving payments. A huge price is announced and it is distributed under the levels of the scheme each person wins of Rs.1000 to Rs. 1 crore. Therefore, every day almost 15000 winners are being selected through a lucky draw and winners receive the prize money. Everyone will be not rewarded and lucky draws on are taken on the basis of daily, weekly and monthly and find out the winner. Therefore, winners are picked up randomly through the transaction id. Sponsored Links:

Eligibility for Lucky Grahak Yojana

Prizes are given to those customers who can pay using cashless mode or digital payments. The prize is given to the customer who has to pay for a service or product.
Payments can be done through any mode of the following
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

This is a mobile app based payment system. Most of the banks are combined the UPI to already existing mobile apps. You can see the list of the apps that are BHIM, SBI Pay, PNB UPI, Axis Pay, PhonePay.
  • USSD*99#Banking

People who don’t have smart phones or the internet will pay through this system. For using this type of payment you have to dial *99# from your phone.
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)

For this type of payment, there is no need for phone, internet, or signature. This can be done through micro ATM which uses Aadhaar and fingerprint. However, the merchant uses the Aadhaar payment app to get money.

  • Rupaycard

This may be debit or credit card like visa and MasterCard. The NPCI has developed the payment gateway. A person who carries JanDhan accounts has this type of debit cards.

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Lucky Grahak Yojana eligibility of transaction

Mode Details Eligibility
Digital Wallets Paytm, Free charge, Phonepe, Mobiquik No
UPI Apps SBI Pay, iMobile, pockets, chiller, PNB UPI Yes
UPI in Wallets Phonepay, Freecharge Yes
USSD Available to all mobile banking customers Yes
AEPS Transaction Through Micro ATM Yes
Rupay Card Jandhan account holders have this card Yes
Master, Visa, Maestro All credit cards have this type of cards No
Net Banking No


What will be the time limit of transactions?

The Lucky Grahak Yojana is applicable for all the front date and the digital payment starts from 8th November 2016 to31 April 2017 were eligible for lucky draw. Lucky draw was started from December 2016 and go for 100 days.

How to get the lucky customers plan?

Under the Lucky Client plan, prizes are divided into three categories. If you are doing payments in valid ways, you can win the prize that is based on daily, weekly and Mega draw at the end.

Daily Lucky Draw

If a budget of 150 Crores, around 15 lakh consumers you will receive prizes based on the category. Under this class, 15,000 consumers are rewarded with a reward of Rs.1000 per consumer is given per day.

Weekly Lucky Draw

In this section, 7 thousand winners will be seen every week and are divided into three categories and the amount of each and every category is different from other. Provisional of Rs. 1lakh, 10 thousand and 5 thousand rupees for the winners divides into three categories.                                                                                                       
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Mega Draw

Mega Draw was at the end of the plan on April 14th 2017. This draw includes all the consumers who are made digital payments from 9 November 2016 to 13 April 2017. This will includes not only to the mega draw but also to all the daily and weekly lucky draws.

Who is going to take apart?

  • Users who holds the bank account takes a part in Lucky Grahak Yojana. You can do digital payments through any mode you wish to.
  • If you are internet and Smartphone, you can pay through UPI and it is one of the best methods to pay.
  • Shop or pay it through RuPay debit card to the merchant, you cna see around 30 crores Rupay Debit cards are used throughout India.

How to register for Lucky Grahak Yojana

  • You need to create a Virtual payment address in any of UPI Enabled Bank App i.e., Phone pay, Paytm.
  • You have to link your bank account and set up the transaction PIN.
  • VPA banks can be done through the nearest shop or where you pay cash.
  • You can ask the shop owner to generate the QR code and it can be done by entering the name and VPA for their VPA.
  • You should ask the shop owner to generate Bharat QR Code with the help of QR code generator by entering the name in the form and VPA
  • Display printed QR code as VPA and can be given at the payment place of a particular shop.
  • Whenever you buy something from a shop, you can pay through the UPPA app, with the help of address or scan and pay option.
  • The transaction between the customer and the merchant can use from Rs 50 to 3000 rupees.
  • Other payment through the UPI is also eligible for this scheme.

How the scheme works

This scheme works only for the transactions through NPCI platform. NPCI is a non-profit organisation which manages the payment settlement in India. The NPCI is managing all the transactions through RuPay card, UPI, USSD, IMPS and USSD.

  1. Within a given period of time, all the transaction ID is collected through NPCI. Once, the transactions are finished IDs start generating automatically. On 25th December the first lucky draw was taken, during 9th November to 24 December around 8 Crores of transactions takes place by using NPCI.
  2. All the transactions are divided based on the basis of the mode i.e. RuPay, UPI, USSD, and AEPS.
  3. For each category, a lucky draw was conducted and NPCI uses special software which is specially developed for the lucky draw. However, computer selects the winners from each and every category.
  4. Who are the lucky winners; they started communicating with the bank where all the transactions are started. Therefore, banks start to identify the account holder of the transaction takes place within 24 hours.
  5. Bank gives the details of the lucky winners to the NPCI.
  6. NPCI credits Rs1000, in each and every account within 48 hours in their account.

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