How to Activate Internet Banking in State Bank of India – A Task Made Possible With Easy Steps –

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Gone are the days when one had to stand for hours together to either withdraw money or deposit money, cheques. Internet has come as a blessing in disguise for such things that have made our life easier than ever before. So people just sit back and relax once you have opened an account with State Bank of India as you do not get one but many facilities when you are a part of the State Bank of India family.

Paying those bills or transferring money is all a child’s play with the Internet Banking feature. And mind you even State Bank of India is not left behind in this facility. So check out on – How to Activate Internet Banking in State Bank of India with the following steps –


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Internet Banking Activation Procedure for the Account Holders of the State Bank of India –

  • Download the Application Form from the Official Website of State Bank of India.
  • Fill the form.
  • Submit the same in the branch where you have an account.
  • But see to it that the Internet Banking Facility is available there. (Not to worry as almost all the branches have the net banking facility).
  • You can also go to the State Bank of India branch office to get the Internet Banking Form.
  • You will receive an envelope with the password after a week or two from the time you have submitted the form.
  • The envelope is sent by a courier to the address mentioned in the Internet Banking Application Form.

What about the First Time Users?

For the State Bank of India Internet Banking First Time Users, the steps given below are to be followed and never forget to use Internet Explorer Browser to log in apart from changing the pass word.

  • Go to Online State Bank of India (Website).
  • Click on the Log in button.
  • One will be directed to another page.
  • Select ‘Continue to Log in’ option.
  • Log in with the pass word that has been received.
  • Now change the user name as well as the pass word for future use.
  • After changing the user name and the pass word click on the Log in option.
  • Also change the ID pass word.
  • Be ready with another pass word as you will require one for the profile before you actually log in.
  • Add a Profile Pass Word.
  • Post following the above said statements, one can use State Bank of India’s Internet Banking Facility without any hitch.

The below link will take you to the State Bank of India’s Online Web page –

State Bank of India’s Internet Banking Facility has put forth the security of the account as their priority so one does not have to worry about any untoward incidents. But always keep it in mind that one should not disclose the pass words to anyone.

Happy Internet Banking till then – with State Bank of India’s Internet Banking Facility by your side.

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