How to apply for Indian passport under new rules

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New rules for applying Indian passport, here Indian Ministry of External Affairs under government brought new rules for applying Indian passport. Government has made many changes in applying passport over a year ago this article helps you to learn what are the rules for applying passport, list of changes etc

New rules to apply passport

Government brought new rules to apply passport and these new changes were announced by government in the month of December 2016, it made easier to other categories such as, orphans, single mother and to government employees who receive passport without any struggles. While applying passport they

List of Changes in applying for passport

You require some documents while applying for passport under the new rules.

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Replace with date of birth certificate

  • People who are applying for passport need to submit their birth certificates who born after January 1st, 1989. Applicants can submit any one of the ID proof which is provided when applying for passport
  • Birth certificate is issued by Registrant of births and deaths certificate is issued by Municipal Corporation or any other authority which is same under Registration of Births and Deaths Act of 1969 to register child’s birth in India
  • PAN card
  • AAdhar card/E-aadhar
  • Transfer certificate or school leaving certificate or matriculation certificate issued by school last day attended by the applicant and recognized by educational board
  • Driving license
  • Election Photo identity card(EPIC)
  • Policy bond issued by a public life insurance company mentioning the applicant’s date of birth

Both Parents name not required

As per passport rules you need to enter both the names of parents while applying for passport. But, now you can write any one of the parents name or the legal guardian.  This is a easy process for those children who have only single parents or orphans in applying passport

Annexure are Reduced in Numbers

Earlier passport forms are of 15 annexure, however as some forms are merged now it has been reduced to 9 Annexure

Verification is not required on annexure

  • Passport application form requires annexure by a legal agent or executive magistrate or first class judicial magistrate. New changes make a demand for proof of annexure.
  • Marriage certificate is not required in case of separated or divorced applicants
  • While applying passport you need to submit marriage certificate for all the people who are married. Before it was like have to submit marriage certificate even they are separated or divorced. Now they brought new rules as those no need to attach marriage certificate while applying passport. While applying passport no need to write his/her husband name who left her or dead

Orphan Children

If an Orphan child do not have any proof like DOB or matriculation certificate or a court order, then orphan or child care home need to write a declaration for the child organization which helps to submit with the application

Government servants

Earlier government servants could not get passport without any Annexure B or no objection certificate from superior officials. If a person is need of passport and he or she cannot wait till the certificate obtain, then they submit self declaration on Annexure N and submit at the time of application.

Aaadhar mandatory

To apply passport you have to submit all the details, Government made Aadhar and UID number as mandatory to apply passport. Even after receiving passport person has to come for biometric verification if the officials are impressed then you will get passport. Earlier passport were send to applicant’s home through register post

Finally government has brought new changes in applying passport, these is an easy process to apply by any one

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