Aadhaar Must for Death Certificate from October 1

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Government said that an Aadhaar number is need for getting death Certificate from October, 2017. Also, Home Ministry said that 12-digit unique identification number is needed to set up identity of death person. RGI has sent notification regarding death certification to all states apart from Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Meghalaya.

Aadhaar compulsory for death certificate

However, death person’s family has to provide applicants Aadhaar number. If deceased family is not aware of an Applicant Aadhaar number of Enrolment ID number of deceased has to submit certificate that deceased person do not have Aadhaar number. Authorities said this will dismiss any concerns about death certificates not being given if there is no Aadhaar.

Aadhaar is unique 12-digit biometric number that is used for correct identification of all individuals in country. This will benefits for poor people under governments welfare schemes. Also, it will help you in name of death raising the need for exact identification of deceased. This provision is setup in all states except Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Meghalaya. The dates will be let you know separately for three state said in a statement.

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Without Aadhaar

As per official statement, Aadhaar card use for death certificates will ensure correct details provided by relatives or dependents of those who have died. In this regard any false declaration given by applicant relating to Aadhaar card will be treated as an offence as per provisions of Aadhaar Act, 2016 and also Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969.

RGI, which job under home ministry, has also asked in states and Union Territories departments, who is responsible for registration of Birth and Deaths has to ensure fulfillment by concern authorities and also required its confirmation by September 1. Read Aadhaar linking is must for Post Office Schemes 

Aadhaar card mandatory

Government has made Aadhaar mandatory for filling Income Tax returns and provided for linking of PAN with Aadhaar to control tax through use of multiple PAN cards. Aadhaar is also linked with bank accounts for welfare schemes. By furnishing deceased Aadhaar will enable bank to close account of correct person who passed away and also you can claim amount. If you do not have an Aadhaar, you can enroll for same.

This method will provide to prevent identity fraud. Also, it helps in recording identity of deceased person. Further, it will prevent need for producing multiple documents to prove identity of death person. Furthermore, person who applying for death certificate for family member has to give his or her own Aadhaar ID as well as deceased Aadhaar ID. Government said that in US social security number has to give for death certificate.

What does RGI DO?

As per notification, this new rule will effect from October 1 and states will inform about their preparedness for new system by September1. However, registration of births and deaths are being done under provisions of Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 as per Rules made by State government. And these birth and death registration departments in states are responsible for issuing certificates from October 1 and send confirmation to Centre by September 1. See Modi working on simpler rules to lift direct tax revenue

However, RGI, under Section 3(3) of Registration of Birth and Death Act, 1969 is directed that Aadhaar number is need for purpose of identity of deceased for death registration. It also said that an applicant who is not aware of deceased Aadhaar number or Enrolment ID number will have to submit certificate that deceased person did not have Aadhaar number.

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