Virat Kohli thinks that he may go bankrupt!

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Virat Kohli is the name that almost everyone on this earth knows or at the least in India knows really well. However, if you are not sure as to who is Virat Kohli then you will have to read this article for that.

In this article we will take you through a short trip of what is Kohli up to these days and what he has been thinking which fortunately or unfortunately was said out loud during an interview and our dear cameras caught it.

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Virat Kohli’s quick biography & his thoughts

Virat Kohli was born on the 5th of November, 1988 in Delhi and is one of the successful batsman in the Indian cricket team. He is basically a right – handed batsman and at times turns in to a right – arm medium pace bowler.

Kohli is also the Captain of Test Cricket for India besides being the Vice – Captain for a few formats when he is playing for the Indian cricket team.

He is also working hard to make the best of all the situations let that then be any kind of a format either the national level cricket or the IPL which has been recently concluded. Virat has also played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore during the IPL matches.

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A worried Virat Kohli

Virat who is one of the highest paid cricketer in the nation seems to be a little stressed out when money comes to the fore. Though Virat himself says that he is not too worried about the money but he still seems to be a little worked out when he thinks about the future.

In one of the interviews, he had almost let his thoughts speak and we got to know that he is troubled by thoughts of going bankrupt if he did not take care of himself & his expenses now.

Virat Kohli’s income

We were in for a surprise when we heard this as Kohli’s net worth comes close to $ 46 million. In addition to this, $ 7 .1 million is the amount that he is able to earn through his endorsements besides the annual cricket pay.

What makes Virat stand apart is the fact that he is also a favourite of many people out there. He is the recipient of the prestigious Arjuna Award as well; and has also been named as the Most Famous Athlete in the World.

Virat even shared the fact about the other athletes who have gone bankrupt mostly due to their lavish lifestyles, he is taking in everything slowly. Hence, he would be careful about his decisions. He also added that though he has to maintain the style he has set still he is playing safe when it is about finances.

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Virat Kohli & his investments, endorsements

Kohli has already invested in many things namely ‘Chisel’ which is the fitness centre. He has a fashion brand to his name and that is ‘Wrogn’ apart from the various franchisees in IPTL – UAE Royals & the Indian Super League – FC Goa.

Virat Kohli’s stickers on his bat alone gets him about Rs. 13 crore and I believe he is just making sure that everything falls in place before he retires. Good to go Kohli! And what a job you do.

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Virat Kohli & charity

Virat Kohli also has the Virat Kohli Foundation and does the charity work whenever time permits him.

Diligent Virat Kohli

We all know that if you wish to stay in the top then you will have to be different and at the same time keep inventing yourself. You should make sure that you are always on the top of the game by staying fit.

And though Virat Kohli is fit, he maintains a strict schedule with regular exercises so that he is always ready to face the toughest of tough situations.

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