Tata Nano Diesel Price, Features and Specifications

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Nano, when it had released way back in 2008, seemed to be the most affordable car and why not? After all, people were able to drive a car in just Rs. 1 lakh!

However, this was not the end of the story as this Nano went on to come up some or the other changes which turned out to be another add – on for Tata Nano.

Tata Nano Diesel’s Launch

2016 looks at the brighter side as this year, Tata Nano Diesel, one of the best hatchback is expected to hit the Indian roads. Moreover this car will have some more added features.

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Read on to know more about the Latest Features of Tata Nano Diesel.

Tata Nano Diesel Engine

  1. Tata Nano Diesel might be packed by an 800cc Diesel Engine
  2. 3 cylinder turbo charged
  3. This engine is bound to produce 42PS top power while the torque is 70Nm
  4. Engine is made of new alloys, hence reduces weight
  5. Enhanced mileage with a fuel efficiency of 30kmpl or more
  6. May also sport an AMT / Automated Manual Transmission
  7. 5 speed gearbox

Tata Nano Diesel Exteriors

  1. Front as well as rear of Tata Nano Diesel, will have smiling grille
  2. Fog lamps will be at both ends
  3. Headlamp has black outlines
  4. With an open tailgate, storing stuff will be easy now
  5. Logo will be seen below the bonnet line
  6. A black line is on the door handle that is from A to C pillar

Interiors of Tata Nano Diesel

  1. Awesomeness on a new high
  2. Upholstery has upgraded and sports various colours
  3. Central console turned wooden
  4. Electric power assisted steering / EPAS can be found in Tata Nano Diesel
  5. There will be an LED gauge for fuel as well as coolant temperature

Expected Launch of Tata Nano Diesel

Tata’s latest addition of automobile on the roads will be Tata Nano Diesel and it is expected to be launched by the end of 2016 somewhere in the festive season.

Tata Nano Diesel’s Price

This dynamic Tata Nano Diesel will be that pocket friendly car which is priced at Rs. 2 .40 lakhs and might touch Rs. 3 .2 lakh. However, this version is likely to be Rs. 60, 000/- more than its Tata Nano Petrol.

The next time you are looking to buy a hatchback car, just look for Tata Nano Diesel before taking a final decision.

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