Post vote, FIFA will have 48 teams competing for the title of FIFA World Cup

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FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), For the Game, For the World, well, this FIFA World Cup has been centre of attention from the time it came in to force. As for the decision of inclusion of some other teams it would be a dream come true for numerous players out there. Well, FIFA’s Governing Council has revealed that in a decade, World Cup would witness a growth of 48 teams & all this will happen with a plan which has been approved on Tuesday unanimously.

Journey of 32 to 48 teams in FIFA World Cup

The move to have 48 teams rather than 32 in FIFA World Cup in the 2026 edition would certainly be a turn – around in the history of FIFA World Cup as till now such a rise in number of teams was never announced nor thought of loudly except when João Havelange, President of FIFA has announced the increase of teams from 24 to 32 way back in 1990s.

New tournament format

With 48 National Teams coming together, this FIFA World Cup would see that these 48 teams shall further be split in to 16 groups which will consist of 3 teams. In addition to this, from each group 2 best teams will be allowed to head for the 32 – team knockout stage. As a matter of fact, this new format will not have any changes as such because overall number of rest days besides 7 matches at the maximum till the time teams reach finals is common.

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The decision of increasing the number of teams from the current number that is 32 to 48 for the FIFA World Cup has been taken after a detailed discussion on the various format options along with the other factors that will have a huge impact on the sport. Factors like that of the competition quality / sporting balance / infrastructure / impact on the football development / projections on the financial position & event delivery consequences among other things have been taken in to consideration as well.

Further discussions

FIFA Council has stated that there would be further discussions for the same as other details will be discussed as far as this competition is in question. And this list is inclusive of the slot allocation per confederation. On the other hand, FIFA Council had discussed a number of things related to such a step to be taken way back in October of 2016. Even the developments or consequences regarding this FIFA World Cup had been discussed by the Council back then.

Principles of bidding for owning the right to host 2026 FIFA World Cup Edition have been defined as well. It is stated that process for bidding to host 2026 edition will conclude in May of 2020. Even Gianni Infantino, FIFA President is confident that this decision of having 48 teams competing for the FIFA World Cup will have positive effects as far as the players, countries & this game is considered because now many people will get a chance to compete for the famous football World Cup.

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