Lost SBI ATM Card? How to Register Complaint, Get New Card?

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Oh! When we lose our State Bank of India’s ATM Card then we tend to bring the roof down as this is the human psyche, so no worries people as there are ways to keep the money safe even if you have lost the card. But keep it in mind that this can only happen if you do not disclose the PIN to anyone out there.

The following steps will guide you to come out of the situation if at all – you either lose the State Bank of India ATM Card or if it is stolen –

  • Write down State Bank of India’s ATM Card Number along with – PIN, Account Number, Branch Code and Branch Name.
  • Call State Bank of India’s ATM Help line Number and lodge a complaint about the lost card.
  • You can try out the following numbers –
  1. 1800 – 112211
  2. 1800 – 425 – 3800
  3. +91 80 – 26599990
  • Once the Help line support staff – comes on – line, you will be asked questions like – Name, Father’s Name, Address, Date of Birth etc to confirm your identity.
  • Remember to answer all questions appropriately and do not be panic stricken.
  • Once the identity is confirmed then State Bank of India will – ‘Hot List’ your ATM Card’s Number.
  • Following this a ticket is generated and make sure that you make a note of the Ticket Number.
  • And if at all any transaction is made post the lodging of the complaint then the Bank will be held responsible for the same.
  • Besides this, you will be required to inform the State Bank of India’s Branch, the one from where the ATM Card was issued – that the ATM Card has been lost.
  • You will also have to write an Application to the Manager about the same and mention the Ticket Number given by the ATM Card Help Line.

Block State Bank of India’s ATM Card through Internet Banking –

One can also block the State Bank of India’s ATM Card online and you will not be required to run around to the branch or call up the Help Line. Steps for the same are mentioned below –

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  • Log in to State Bank of India Online (Website).
  • Select e – services option from the Navigation Bar.
  • Then select Block ATM Card Services.
  • Choose Block ATM Card.
  • Click Continue Button.
  • You can check here the tiny box which shows that the ATM Card is in Active mode.
  • Fill in the State Bank of India Lost ATM Card’s details.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Thus, your ATM Card is finally blocked.

How to Get New State Bank of India’s ATM or Debit Card Once It Is Lost?

Once the branch receives your ATM Card Lost Application, the State Bank of India branch issues a New ATM Card in 2 weeks which can be used for the future; but to get a new ATM Card issued,  one has to pay Rs. 200/- .

There was a time when folks had to go all the way to the Bank to get the things done but with the advent of technology hardly anyone shows up at the Branch. Technological advancements are good to a certain extent. But one should also take care of their belongings so that one can lead a stress free life.

Keep smiling as State Bank of India’s Help Line is at all times there by your side.

Happy Banking with State Bank of India.

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