Colour of passport not important but lives are – informs PM, Narendra Modi to Global Indians

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At the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas convention, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi stated that safety of the Indians who live abroad is of importance rather than the colour of an Indian Passport. Well, this news comes after a few steps were taken by the Indian Government to facilitate Indian Nationals return to their motherland without any troubles.

Security of Indians

Mr. Modi went on to assure not only NRIs / Non – Resident Indians but also the PIO / Persons of Indian Origin will have continued support of the Government of India; now let them be in any part of the world. As plans are made keeping in mind security of people across the nations. The Prime Minister of India went on to add that return of about 90, 000 Indians was done over the past 2 years as these Indians were working in almost 54 countries. Apart from this, helped reached other 80, 000 Indians who were caught in some or the other dangerous situation.

Addressing various issues

When it comes to passport then there are many things which affect people likes the ones listed here – loss of passport / transportation / legal advice / shelter / medical emergency (specifically when an Indian is living in a foreign country). Therefore, as a solution, the staff in the Indian Embassies have been trained to address such among other problems at the earliest so that people do not face any sort of trouble.

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Migrant workers

When it came to illegal migrants or the illegal recruitment agents then Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India clearly stated that strict action has been taken against the illegal recruitment agents so that the general public is not misled in any manner as this will in – turn lessen the burden of innocents besides keeping a watch on their safety.

Passport & its rules

In addition to the above stated plans, an individual can notice that there have been a number of changes in the rules related to passport. As a matter of fact, these changes are being made so that people do not opt for any illegal method when it comes to obtaining a passport. Furthermore, applying for a passport or reporting a lost passport has now become easier thanks to the passport procedure which is simplified by the concerned authorities.

With demonetisation in place besides many other changes, it is a welcoming thought of how the Government of India is coming forth & helping Indians in not only India but also abroad. However, it should be made a note of the fact that people stay connected with the updates surrounding passport & its rules so that they are not misguided by some (other) rumours.

Finally, the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi was quoted when he congratulated Indians for the way they were performing across the world as this would be an inspiration to the rest of the citizens of the nation.

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