Christ the Redeemer

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Christ – the Redeemer is one of those statues which stand apart because of its creativity.  Many people had come together to make something impossible – possible.

Christ the Redeemer 7

Nitty – Gritties of Christ the Redeemer’s Statue –

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Christ – the Redeemer is an Art Deco sculpture of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was built by the Brazilian engineer – Heitor da Silva Costa along with the likes of – French engineer – Albert Caquot and Paul Landowski, a French sculptor. The team also included the famed Romanian artist – Gheorghe Leonida who had created the face.


Description –

The statue is about 30 metres tall and the arms are 28 metres wide. Not to forget the 8 metre pedestal on which it stands. It is at the peak of the 700 metre high Corcovado Mountain which can be found in the Tijuca Forest National Park. The statue weighs about 635 metric tons, over – looking the city of Rio. And it was constructed between 1922 and 1931.

The Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio and the Maracana stadium

Renovation – Restoration –

The statue has many times been struck with lightning which leaves it damaged. A lightning which had struck on the 10th of February 2008 left its mark on the defilement of head, eye brows and the fingers. Rio de Janeiro’s state government has taken up the restoration works.

Sadly, lightning had again struck on the 17th of January 2014 leaving a finger out of its place.

Christ the Redeemer 1

After having seen such mishaps, massive fixation work took place in the year 2010, where the statue was made water proof by washing, replacing mortar as well as the soap stone. The internal structure made of iron was also restored.

The statue was marred unknowingly with paint and the then mayor Eduardo Paes passed the incidents as an act of crime against the nation. The culprits however apologized for the mistake and came forward.

Christ the Redeemer 4

The statue was covered with green and yellow lighting to support Brazil’s national foot ball team who were then part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Christ the Redeemer 6

Last But Not the Least –

The statue – Christ the Redeemer stands tall as a symbol of Christianity around the world. Moreover, it has become a cultural icon not only for Rio de Janeiro but also for Brazil.

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